The Shrine of Dagon

Beneath the Gleaming Dawn Church, itself dressed in the trappings of both Pelor and Ehlonna, lied a wicked secret, Ashenport’s hidden Shrine of Father Dagon. Some thirty or so feet below the surface, they ventured into the darkness searching for the source of the evil that layed spite upon the town. There they were confronted by a crazed Alderman Ritter, whose house they found the Journal of Keraptis, and bested him. At the altar, Althanis, leader of the Dagon cult awaited and gave the party an ultimatum: join the cult or die. When our heroes rejected, the cult leader’s skin suddenly expanded and burst into a mass of twisting skin-covered tentacles. Battle was joined and our heroes emerged victorious.

But from a blackened pool of water behind the altar was something even more sinister: As players tried to search the evil shrine and it’s leader for valuables, large dark tentacles, perhaps those of Father Dagon himself, rose from the blackened pool and attacked the party. Nearly beaten, they retreated and barely escaped with their lives.

Upon emerging from the subterranean temple, having defeated Althanis, our heroes rested in saftety with the cult destroyed. Or so it seemed. Something deeper and more twisted cried out for our players.



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