Laurel Loralie


Female Human Botanist and Owner of the shop Roots and Remedies in Falcon’s Hallow.

Income stems as much from her sale of snake oils and aphrodisiacs as from questionable cure-alls and bitter teas. As quick to suggest expensive remedies as she is to remind angry buyers that she is not, in fact, a physician, Laurel does her best to help those who come to her in need, but her tight income, need to survive, and pride prevent her from admitting failure.

Laurel herself, is not particularly successful but has an exceptional pedigree. Her grandmother, Leslie Loralie, was said to have written one of the premier books of herbalism, “Loralie Botany.” Most of these teachings are rumored to have been taught to Leslie from Ulizmila, the Witch of Darkmoon Vale, in exchange for her eyesight.


Laurel Loralie

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