Most of the older history will have to be filled in as it’s discovered. Most of what is known is that Ashenport is a small village on the sea that has mostly cut itself off from the rest of the world and survived mostly through fishing.

Most recently, Ashenport was invaded by the evil an evil cult of Father Dagon.

The economy of Ashenport is fairly poor and the majority of the population depends on fishing for their incomes and survival. The sea continues to yield ancient valuables from an unknown civilization, and this helps many fishermen get by.

One of the biggest new developments for Ashenport is the discovery that past the dunes and rocky outcropping of the shore, the soil surrounding the town is actually very fertile. Plentiful rainfall coupled with the rich soil has attracted local farmers, who grow a somewhat rare local plant, the stalks of which can be woven into strong rope.

Ashenport does not have a large amount of minerals nearby — at least nothing has been found yet. The rocky seashore to the north contains some copper and iron ore, but nothing in sufficient quantity to interest speculators.

The population of Ashenport is around 250. Most of the citizens are humans, but there are sizable groups of half-orcs, elves, halflings, and half-elves. One of the interesting developments is the large number of elven fisherman the town has attracted, as an unexpectedly large number of young elven men have decided to leave the forests and take to the sea.

The “wench situation” in Ashenport continues to be poor. Ashenport has created more of a frontier town feel than the population of a long-established community. As a result, the female population, which was about 10% of the population when the town was first founded and consisted of mostly young single human men, has risen to 35% of the population, but most of these consist of young wives of farmers or fisherman or very young children.

Regional Relations
Regional relations with surrounding towns remain poor. The poverty and location of Ashenport does little for tourism, not to mention a general lack of goods for trading and treasures for seeking.

Notable Citizens
Pioter, (male human): Deceased. Pioter was the owner and proprietor of the Smooth Sailing Inn and Tavern.

Alderman Ritter (male human): Deceased. Ritter was Ashenport’s most recent and perhaps most notable alderman (essentially the mayor). He was a jovial-seeming man, slightly overweight, with immaculately coifed blond hair.

Sheriff Kaern (male human warrior): Kaern stands almost six-and-a-half feet tall, and his bristly brown hair and beard make him look quite bearlike. His attitude at times, can be that of a bear as well.

Mother Sharallan (female human): Deceased. Sharallan was a tall woman, so gaunt as to appear almost starving. She had thinning brown hair and a perpetual frown. She seemed to view everyone, friend and stranger, as a nuisance to be tolerated, but her voice was kinder than her expression.



1. The Smooth Sailing Inn and Tavern
2. The Bountiful Tide General Store
3. Ashenport Blacksmith
4. Ash Grove
5. Ashenport Town Hall
6. Ashenport Prison
7. The Docks
8. Ashenport Tannery
9. Ashenport Mill
10. Home of Alderman Ritter
11. Gleaming Dawn Church (Ehlonna and Pelios


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