History of the World


Legend has is that thousands of years ago good and evil chose the world of Sturgis as their final battlefield. A tireless battle reared for two thousand years, finally ending with neither side victorious, expensing one another simultaneously. Since then, the world has been drifting without direction, forever stuck in time, forgotten by all of the gods.

Perhaps people of Sturgis believe this legend because their lives are hapless; wandering from day to day, devoid of purpose or direction.


Year 100 of the written word:

Jan 13th, King Rastan Denar passes. His son, Altis Denar takes the throne.

June 29th, Altis Denar is poisoned by his step-brother, Aaron Denar.

Year 102:

Aaron Denar is assassinated by his high counselor, Willhem Truism. The region went into civil war, with no leader emerging, and is now governed lightly by the Mayor of Denar City.
Year 125:

Without central government, the city of Rockport, along The Rocky Coast, folds. It’s people in despair, an immigration to Denar City occurs and the town is abandoned.

History of the World

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